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Yes, it's late but I was looking for the appropriate image!

Plus I wanted to add it later in the day so the loungebunnny could have her moment in the sun - her moment to age - heh heh! And I might add that the previously mentioned bunny will see plenty of memorable graphics devoted to her in the following days! (imagine me giggling in an evil manner!)

And now I'm off home to grade and sleep and oh, yeah - battle wasps....
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Hello, it's just me talking to myself!
If you want to use this graphic on a web page Steve I can remove the Birthday title and emphasize the Linkmeister part - whatcha think?

I'd love to have the graphic! I could alternate my handsome Apollo bust with this one, yes? What a kick!

By all means defer to the loungebunny; she's entitled (and younger, too...hee hee hee)! I look forward to seeing graphics devoted to her; rabbits tied to railroad tracks a la "Perils of Pauline," perhaps? Or trapped in a papaya tree?

Thank you!