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Another list thing - I get sucked in so easily by this stuff

Odd Trios, via the Platypus I'm probably gonna have to finish these tomorrow as they require more thought than my brain will allow at the moment.

Three oddest books on your bookshelf:
� Nobody Loves a Cockroach
� I am Not Spock by Leonard Nimoy
� There's Adventure in Civil Engineering ("Another Popular Mechanics Career Book" 1958)
(I also have a children's book on being a lumberjack around here somewhere....)

Three oddest knick-knacks on your shelves:
� A rubber brain
� A Godzilla that walks, growls, his light up eyes and has smoke come out of his mouth (but was broken when I got him, poor guy. I love him anyhow)
� A 3 headed dragon that plays "If I only had a brain" if you wind him up
(Except I don't think they're odd at all...and there's lots more stuff around here like the maroon rubber squeaky octopus named Ethelred)

Three oddest things in your desk drawer:
� A small pile of little rusted screws from the cover portion of an old (nonworking) jukebox - the part with the buttons you punch on it (the portion I wanted to keep)
� saline solution
� digital video tape containing shots of the chickens in my backyard
(sorry - not very odd in there)

Three oddest places you've ever been:
Ave Maria Grotto - but odd in a great way - I'd love to create a world of lil buildings in my backyard. I'm going to put Holyland in this same catalog, only it's larger and kinda creepy in its decay... Apparently boy scouts renovated it in '98.)
Rock City - as a child it would have terrified me. Actually I still find some parts kinda disturbing...
� A very lonely cemetery west of Dallas, on a bright sunny summer day, when I just couldn't shake the feeling of being watched
(I would like to point out the lack of local weirdness as listed on this site. Humph! And when I was in college in South Hadley I always wanted to go here, but we had no car, and never did get around to it.)

Three oddest foods you've ever eaten:
� Hawaiian fare concocted by loungebunny
� Jellobrain made by loungebunny
� Various blue foods - via loungebunny
(hee hee! I may be in trouble when she gets around to reading this!)

and I'll add

Three oddest CDs in your collection
� The Residents - The King and Eye
� Ken Nordine - Colors
� Robert Mitchum - Calpyso is like so
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