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Ramblings of a new resident of Louisiana, living near bugs, frogs and alligators, overcoming culture shock, and getting used to the idea of getting extra vacation days at Mardi Gras.

More about my comings and goings at Cuppa Tea.

Just revamping House o Groove home page - stay tuned....

acryllic paint, adam ant, addams family, adult swim, alan moore, alice in wonderland, alice's restaurant, alligators, art galleries, ave maria grotto, b movies, babbling, bare naked ladies, bats, beck, beetlejuice, black cats, black jellybeans, blackberry jam, bolshoi, books, bookstores, boots, brak, cameras, candles, cemetaries, charles addams, chocolate, costumes, crouching tiger, dana andrews, danny elfman, dark rides, dematerializing, devil duckies, dia de los muertos, discovery channel, documentary films, dueling at midnight, duran duran, eagrets, edward gorey, eeyore, elipses, elvis, emerald, emily strange, fatboy slim, film noir, floor lamp, frighteners, fruitbat, garbage, gargoyles, garnet, gash gold vermillion, george carlin, ghosts, goth, gothic television, graveyards, groovie goulies, h. p. lovecraft, hair dye, halloween, hammer films, hats, haunting, hildegard von bingen, holy grail, hoodoo gurus, hooha, horror movies, jazz butcher, jif peanut butter, jim henson, joseph cambell, julian cope, l'oreal intense red, leather jackets, leonard delonga, libraries, lipstick, literature, lounge, love and rockets, m. r. james, madelines, masks, mojo nixon, monty python, mst3k, muppets, new orleans, nonfiction, old horror movies, paper mache sculpture, penn and teller, photography, photoshop, pizzicato five, platypus, pop will eat itself, quagmire, reading, robert mitchum, samari jack, sandman, scotland, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, shriekback, silver jewelry, sisters of mercy, sleep temples, snickerdoodles, snow, space ghost, sparkly things, split enz, squidbisquit, star trek, target, teaching, the cult, the damned, the fall, the mushroom throne, the ramones, theater, they might be giants, thinking, tim burton, tim the wizard, tom jones, too much tv, traveling, ultravox, used bookstores, v for vendetta, video cameras, vincent price, wales, weird al, winter, wonderstuff, wookiedoodle, xtc, zorro