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Starting to dread all days near the 11th

I have another class still and I'm already wiped. I can't believe there's another plane down. Even if it was an accident we've had enough plane related deaths in the past 3 months, y'know? And more deaths of civilians on the ground than ever before - even if this is an accident, planes and engine parts falling on neighborhoods is something horrible....

Poor NY. Hasn't it been dumped on enough?

I have comments on my Cuppa site - which was fun earlier this morning when I figured it out but now isn't any fun. Neither is the fact that the AC in my car just went out.

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So, is the a/c fixed or what? Can't drive the family around without A/C, can you? Or did they get the tour when the move occurred?

This is the Hawaii mentality, see: people visit, they get tour. Basic knee-jerk response, ingrained in residents within six months of arriving in-state.
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November 23 2001, 18:09:09 UTC 15 years ago

Dear boom-chicka,

I'd go with Snor. It's the bomb. That's YOU on that picture?!?! Oh my goodness!!!! *SWOON*
Don"t let Jamie read this or she'll get real mad at me. And don't worry about me.

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